What is Soft Staging

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It is no secret that staging your house to sell for top dollar is key. Nine times out of ten, when buyers tour your listing, they need to be shown the homes full aesthetic potential. As the years go by and we (adults) get older, we lose the part of our imagination that allows us to see this on our own. I like to share with people that 86% of adults cannot envision what a home's set up and decor can look like on their own because adulting has minimized this part of their brain. This is where professional stagers come in handy. 

Now that we have covered this basic, let's talk Soft Staging.

Through the years, I have learned that staging can scare homeowners who need to continue living in their house while it is being sold. (Which is VERY common.) Their assumption of staging is that a designer will come into their home, remove all of their current furnishings and then replace it with other furniture and decor. While, yes, this is a staging option, it is not the ONLY option. You CAN stage your home to appeal more strongly to buyers while keeping all of your own furniture in your house. 

This is called "Soft Staging". Soft staging means that the designer (ME) will come into your home, maybe rearrange your current furniture in a way that flows more openly. The designer will help you to clear off your counters and fluff them to look show ready. Some fun items like extra throw pillows, candles, and such may be brought in to assist in this "fluffing" process but all of your own items remain in your home. It's is simply the art of using what you already have with a designer's expertise using it in different ways. 

Soft staging allows you to not feel misplaced while you go through the timeline from listing to closing but will still help buyers to see the beauty potential of your listing. Let's get those buyers to fall in love so they will be excited to pay top dollar. To further illustrate this, I was recently told by a staging client that they received $60,000 more than expected due to the added aesthetic desirability that the staging provided. 

So, don't let the idea of staging your house scare you and allow you to think that it just isn't in the cards for your current home sale situation. Let's chat. There are options and something is always better than nothing.