It's okay to be BOLD!

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Home Improvement
It's totally okay to mix patterns. In fact, I encourage it. Mixing patterns and pulling from their shared colors or vibes, will make your home decor/design feel more intentional. 🎯
Give it try with some temporary, peel & stick wallpaper. You'd be amazed at what a statement it can make in the room. 👍
Pssst: Beware, once your friends & family see this boldness in your home, you may notice that it's a little contagious. 🤫


What do you think when you see this picture? Do you think "I could never" or "that's so busy"? The truth you, yes you can and "busyness" can actually just act as a guide for you eye if done correctly. 

Yes You Can

Who ever told you that your home can't show off your creative side? Seriously, who told you that - I would like to have a word with them. ;)

For me, I love the ocean. Although, I don't live near a coast anymore, I still daydream about the sound of the waves crashing and the laid back vibes it brings me. So, with that little bit of insight, tell me, what does this picture make you think of? The ocean? (I really hope you were picking up what I was putting down there.) The answer is, yes, the ocean. By creatively combining these patterns, textures, and colors I have brought a little slice of the ocean inside my home. 

Now, think of an environment that you love. Can you imagine ways you can creatively make this environmental vibe in your home? You can do it! 

What Makes This So Busy Anyway

Now, to be fair, I can see why some one's knee jerk reaction would be to that this picture it's too much. However, let me explain to you how it actually works. By pulling colors from each different accent and subtly repeating them against the other accent or pattern, you are actually telling the eye how to view the a space cohesively. If done correctly, your eye will read them room like it's reading a story. One color or pattern will flow into the next. Think of it like your eye guides you from sentence to sentence until the whole paragraph makes sense. 

This is definitely not the easiest design style to execute perfectly, but with the right vision and thoughtful patterns, it can really make your home look like one of a kind.