House, Homes,and Decor - OH MY!!!

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So, how did these design tips and houses come to be for me?

Since I was in the womb (I'm assuming here) I have had design running through my veins. As a child, my family and I moved about once a year. Combine the moving with having a father who specializes in historical home renovations and furniture building and it was the perfect recipe for an aspiring House & Home guru. (That's me!) 
For the past 4 years I have been an active and busy Realtor. I got into real estate as a way to help others see homes and design from a different angle - an angle they may not be able to see for themselves without some guidance. I saw first hand the differences in Realtors growing up. I remember the ones my parents liked and the ones who's names I never heard again.
I decided I wanted to be one of those Realtors that people like. The kind they know has their best interest in mind 100% of time and who genuinely cares. The kind that never gives you that "I'm being judged" feeling and who exudes trustworthiness. The kind that can help you with ideas and designs to make the house even better. And, of course, the kind that might just naturally become your friend. 
After having built up my Real Estate business and proving I can be THAT Realtor, I realized it was time to include that interior design passion of mine. So, then Key Lime Design was born. *In case you're curious, I'm a Florida girl through and through. So, that is how the name Key Lime Design came about.* 
By combining the housing market with my interior design, I am able to help you turn a house into home.
*The image for the blog post is the best illustration I could find for this post.
   I am in my Jeep - that is pretty much a constant. 
   I have a really cool vintage chair in my backseat. 
   I have a strange look on my face that says "I have an idea". 
If you have any questions about Real Estate, Interior Design, or what services we provide just ask. I'd love to hear from you.