Color Balance and Bounce

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I hear from clients (and people in general) all of the time that they don't know how to pair colors in their home. I promise, it is so much easier than you think!!!

This image is a great and simple example as to how colors can play off of each other. Now, imagine that this paining is hung on a wall and the plant/basket is placed in the same room. Can you see how the colors in each will create an intentional balance of color and allow your eye to bounce and connect one piece of decor to the other?

Make sure your room is set up in a way that allows your eye and brain to put the space together by looking at it as whole. You do not want your room to feel as if it is a bunch of randomness, after all. 

Keep in mind *THERE IS SUCH A THING AS BEING TOO MATCHY MATCHY* (we will cover this in another blog) 

Check out how majestic it is that the plant basket mimics the woman in the painting. 🎨
Can you feel how your eye bounces from object to object in this image? The colors and curve in the plant basket mimic the woman's back. 🤔
Thoughtfully placed, these two items could be the key to creating cohesive look in your room. 🙌