A Designer's Dream - Santa Fe

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Happy Tuesday! We had a little pause in blog posts while I had to tackle a few exciting projects BUT we're back! YAY!

One of these exciting projects included a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. (SWOON!) As a designer and lover of gorgeous creativity, I fell in love with this place. It wasn't just the beautiful craftsmanship of the decor here that had my heart pitter pattering, though. The architecture of the buildings there was so inspiring. My favorite part was the respect for nature that was included in the architecture. There were trees growing inside of the restaurants and you could clearly see that even some buildings were built around the trees. Long story short I was in love. 


While in Santa Fe, I was able to grab tons of fantastic pieces to bring back to SLC with me. I'm so excited to see how a taste of Santa Fe can grace the existing design presence that some of my clients already have in their homes.