2022 House & Home Style Checklist

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2022 House & Home Style Checklist
✅Live in a really rad community 
✅ Put feet up at night in an cool home with all the charm one can handle
✅ Decorate home in a way that represents who I am and what I enjoy
Be sure you are beginning and ending your day in an environment that brings you joy. It's basically like taking your daily vitamins. 😉 **Keep reading, even Google says so👇**
For myself, I love plants. To some, my plant collection be one that makes them feel like they need a can of Off to come into my house. (You totally don't by the way.) To others, my plants may make them sense a cozy, at home kind of vibe. To me, it's all about my love for the outdoors. Currently, I can't live outside - damn kids needing a roof and all. ;) Since I can't live outside, I make the inside of my home represent the outdoors. In combination with my plethora of plants (some thriving, some still figuring out if they want to grow, and some on their last leg) I add a lot of wood elements. To soften my plants and wood elements, I tie in some clear glass accents by way of vases, mirrors, and dishes. The clear glass resembles specs of sand glistening in the sun - further adding to my bringing the outdoors in. This style of design is called "Shibui" and it is absolutely the design style that makes me feel at ease in my home. 
There are many design styles out there. Often, we end up gravitating to the style that represent our innate interests, hobbies, and activities that spark joy in us. Take a moment and reflect on your home decor and design style. What does it say about you? Does it speak to you? Does it speak about who you are? Do you even have a style? If not, take a moment to consider what you would change ... and then ... DO IT. It's YOUR home and YOUR environment, after all. 
With love from my home to yours, 
"Your home interior decor matters because it can influence everything from your mood to your productivity and even your confidence. When you find some little styling element that you love, add it to your home. If you can incorporate furniture, decor, art or anything that tells your story, put it in your home." - Google